Walking in the park is my pleasure 
not out of fear of exposure
but to feel the serenity of the environment
as i lay on the grass my eyes fixed to the firmament.


Cool is the breeze
just enough not to freeze
as i feel the water massage my feet
before i journey into my fate.


the flowers so fresh
filling the air with the scent so fresh
how good is the future
without the beauty of nature?



love that never was

Waking up everyday just for your sake

Not making you feel as a fake

Even after all you did to my heart was break

When all you ever wanted was my innocence to take

While love is all I wanted n not a fake.
Crying My heart out in sorrow

Tears washing my face, making wet my pillow

Wishing Someone will my heart willow

As it seems full of sorrow n ready to billow

Leaving the body hollow.